Friday, 30 April 2010

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside...

If I look out of my bedroom window, through the rooftops and trees I can see the North Sea, just! I love living on the coast and have done so in a number of places, I love the traditional seaside experience with deck chairs, prom, Punch and Judy and Mr Whippy. I didn't have a seaside wedding but I think this is a great wedding theme, colourful, fun and nostalgic.

Lilac Coast
Cotton Bunting Company
The Rock People
Nautical Art

For a more subtle beach look, using light blues to tie everything together looks very fresh and pretty.

Laura Ashley
Cotton Bunting Company

Some gorgeous seaside jewellery:

Charmed Memories
Tiffany & Co
Harvey Nichols
Dolly Dagger
Jane Davis

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  1. Makes me so happy summer is coming! Love the idea of a seaside wedding.